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Corporate Partners

CAVUP Uganda cultivates strategic partnerships and innovative collaboration with corporations that share our vision of a better world for Vulnerable People. These efforts enable us to multiply our resources and the impact of our work for the benefit of Vulnerable People in Uganda. CAVUP Uganda values long-term alliances with the private sector and we partner with many of the world’s top corporations on mutually beneficial, strategic initiatives.


CAVUP Uganda’s interactions with the corporate sector range from designing multi-stakeholder partnerships to address specific problems confronting children and Vulnerable People, to galvanizing support for CAVUP Uganda’s programs, to leveraging the assets of the private sector to advance the cause of Vulnerable People in Uganda


Our partnerships with the corporate sector are largely in the form of philanthropic grants and cause-related marketing campaigns for specific projects that are designed to meet the private sector partner’s philanthropic and marketing needs and to improve CAVUP Uganda’s resource capacity to address the pressing needs of Vulnerable People. Corporations provide CAVUP Uganda with financial support, marketing and communications assets, volunteer expertise, technical knowledge, and donated goods and services.


CAVUP Uganda has a robust and vigorous partnership assessment procedure and policies to ensure we partner with companies committed to social responsibility and the values and goals of our organization. No matter the partner or the form of partnership, the needs of Vulnerable People whether it’s clean water, access to health care and education or relief after an emergency or natural disaster are the number one priority.


We team with industry leaders around the world, many of whom intend to make this partnership a long-term investment. These are just a sampling of the wonderful partnerships that have helped CAVUP Uganda bring a better life to Vulnerable People in need in Uganda. We thank these partners for their generosity and support to make a positive difference in the life of Vulnerable People.


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