+256 752 954 949 Kiteezi Wakiso District, Uganda


You can help us provide a wide range of programs  to make a difference for children in need. Your donations go to services and support such as:

  • Food, medical care and safe places to play
  • Appropriate foods and nutrition to build strong, healthy bodies and minds
  • Safe drinking water to eliminate or reduce water-borne diseases
  • Medical intervention, access to health care and family education in health and hygiene
  • Schools, safe playgrounds and extracurricular learning activities
  • Access to income and employment, markets, goods and services for children’s families


CAVUP Uganda responds quickly and effectively to children in need during natural disasters and conflict and helps to resolve the ongoing struggles children face every day  replacing poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease with hope for the future.

Through many options to donate practically and effectively, you can be an agent of change in the lives of children surviving in the poorest places in Kiteezi Wakiso district district Uganda.

Become a Fundraiser

People committed to making a difference in Kiteezi Wakiso district Uganda are the lifeblood and energy of CAVUP Uganda. They are the catalyst for all we do today and the assurance that our work will continue to the future. CAVUP Uganda’s supporters are critical in our efforts to maximize support and commitment to make a difference in the life of a child, as well as to succeed in accomplishing our mission. CAVUP Uganda puts its resources and expertise to work in Kiteezi Wakiso district Uganda. We serve thousands of children and many others, including parents, and community members. As part of our efforts to create lasting change, CAVUP Uganda asks students, communities and organizations to become involved with issues that affect children in need around Uganda.

You may email cavupug@gmail.com , or contact an associate at   +256 752 954 949,   or +256 704920816