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About Us

CAVUP Uganda is one of the leading non governmental organizations creating lasting change in the lives of Vulnerable People in Uganda. Recognized for



More than 2 years of experience working hand-in-hand, shoulder-to-shoulder with families and communities at home and abroad has taught us that poverty



You can help us provide a wide range of programs  to make a difference for children in need. Your donations go to services and support such as:



Care for Vulnerable People (CAVUP) Uganda is one of the Uganda’s leading non governmental organizations for Vulnerable People. Our vision is to be the champion of the socio-economic advancement of the people of Uganda. Our mission is to build an independent and sustainable life among the community members.


An Organization You Can Trust

CAVUP Uganda works to create lasting, positive change in the lives of Vulnerable People in Uganda, it is because of our commitment to Vulnerable People that CAVUP Uganda is ranked high among other non-profit organizations.

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